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Dear Users

Post by Zyned » Thu Jul 27, 2017 7:18 pm

Dear Users,

At our forum it's possible to download a lot of custom content for your RCT3 game. For free!
There are just a few creators active who made all these downloads for you. For free!

Let me explain how such a download is being established:

First a creator needs pictures of the real ride. It costs a lot of time to gather all the needed pictures. Some can be found on the internet, but the quality needs to be of a certain level, so it costs a lot of 'googling' to find them. When the right pictures can't be found on the internet, we visit the ride in real life at the fair to take the needed pictures.

After that, the pictures have to be edited in a graphical program like photoshop, etc. This process takes a lot of time and trial and error before the pictures are usable.

The next step is creating the 3d model and apply the pictures to the model. This is probably the most time consuming part of the process!

When the 3d model is ready, it is time to import it to the RCT3 game. For rides with lots of lights, animations, etc. this step is also very time consuming. (especially animations, where we have to type lots of lines with code).

When a ride is ready, we create a movie and some pictures to show it to you guys. The ride has to be tested by someone, and after approval, the download will be available.

This complete process takes a lot of hours work. (for example the stallspack was about 85 hours work)
All this work is done by creators who have a daytime job, and do this as a hobby in their spare free time.

Also running this forum and download database takes time.

BUT, we love doing this for you guys! We enjoy our hobby, and we are enjoying your nice comments to our projects :D

That being said, I just want to add something to this:

Although it is not mandatory, just say a 'thank you' to the creators sometimes is a good thing to do. It also works very motivating towards the creators.
There is absolutely no need to ask for releases. When a project is not released yet, there certainly is a good reason for why it is not ready.
Maybe the creator has no time to finish the project at the moment. Or maybe the creator is waiting for the right pictures for the project. And i am sure there are a lot more reasons why a project is not ready yet.
When a project is ready, we release it immediately. There is no need for us to hold finished projects back. This is never the case.


If you really want to have a certain ride in your game, it's possible to do a request. You can do that in our forums, or you can send a PM to one of the creators.
When a creator says no to a request, there is a good reason for saying no. Mostly it is because the creator has no time to do so.
There is absolutely no need to keep asking, or begging for that ride.

I hope after you have read this, you will understand why projects need time to complete. I also hope you will understand why we sometimes say 'no' to a request.

Thanks for you attention, and believe me, there are lots of projects coming in the future ;)


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