How to make a funfair

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How to make a funfair

Post by Zerostar11 » Mon Sep 03, 2018 12:31 am

Before you start.
You need CFR/CSO/CTR
Here's our RCT3 Custom Content
CS DEPOT ... ds;cat=160
K rides (Must be logon)
Zyned Download content

1.Open RCT3 and Start a new park.
2.Lay a path.
3.Place some CFR/CSO/CTR.
4.Place Some Stalls beside CFR.
5.Place some washroom.

If you want to make a small fair.
You must have few stalls beside the rides. <---------
If you want to make a BIG Fair. -
You must have a Lot of stalls beside ------------

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